Welcome to Lancaster Botanicals!

Welcome to Lancaster Botanicals!

As allergy sufferers we would love to buy colorful, commercially-made bath bombs and soaps, but our lungs and skin don’t respond well to the shops where they are sold, or sadly, to the products if we receive them as gifts.

For several years we have wondered about making simple products with pronounceable ingredients, and this summer have taken the plunge and started creating a line of bath and body products.

In addition to having no scent, or only one scent, our products will not contain artificial colors, or the carcinogenic chemical required to stabilize colors. We use only botanical elements, herbs, spices, and fruit extracts in our products, and then only one of them in any product.

We offer bath bombs made conventionally or without citric acid, bath melts, shower melts, and body rubs and scrubs. We also offer a limited range of soaps that are have more ingredients for those who have fewer allergies, or to give as gifts to family members without allergies.

Soon we will be opening our Etsy shop, called LancasterBotanicals, and this fall will be attending fairs where we will be selling out products in person.