How to Use Our Products

We make many varieties of bath and body products, and here is how to use them!

Botanical Facial Steamer

Purpose: opening your pores and calming your mood

How to use: boil about 4 c of water, and add 2 tbs of the botanical mix. Stir so the petals revive. Put a towel over your head, and move the bowl under the towel so the steam wafts up towards your face. Stay at a distance that feels comfortable, and remove the towel and take breaths of fresh air if you feel hot. The steam will open your pores and the chamomile and lavender will help sooth and calm you.

Soothing Bath Bags

Purpose: to make bath time more calming and soothing

How to use: Place on the bath tap/faucet so it hangs under the flow of water. Let the water is high enough, slide in and let the oatmeal sooth your skin and the botanicals sooth your mind.