Lavender calming kit

Lavender calming kit

Are you feeling stressed? Aren’t we all right now! How about trying our Lavender Calming Kit to help bring the stress levels down? The kit fits neatly into a little tin, so you can easily keep it in your purse of desk drawer, ready for use! It contains a lavender inhaler, lavender roll on, lavender mini spray and an amethyst stone. These are designed to help you with differing levels of stress, so you have several tools at your disposal.

Begin with the lavender inhaler. Put it under your nose and gently inhale the soothing aroma of lavender. Breath slowly and see if it helps calm you – or at least help you better handle whatever is annoying you. If that isn’t enough, roll the lavender and carrier oil blend onto your wrists. Gently inhale the smell, and see if that helps.

The next step is to spray the lavender spritz into the air around you, or into a tissue to take with you into a meeting. Slowly the power of the lavender essential oil should be working to soothe your jangled nerves, and help you step back from whatever stressed you. if you need one more level of calming, pick up the amethyst stone. Amethyst is said to be a natural tranquilizer that dissolves negativity, and balances negative emotions. Even if you can’t buy into that, just rubbing the stone in your hand, and focusing on it, its texture and feel, will distract you from the thing that is stressing you out.

So, do you think this kit could help you, or someone you know? Look for it in our shop, or follow this link.

Original Scents

Original Scents

Scents are the way most of us decide if we want to use a product or avoid it. For those of us with allergies, scents can also warn us away from products we can’t be around! Too often commercial products make life more complicated by adding only ‘fragrances’ to the ingredient list, and although this alerts us to the information that it includes chemical scents, it isn’t helpful!

In order to make our products allergy friendly, we have opted to keep the scents we use to a minimum. Only one scent will be used in any product, so the decision of whether it is safe to use becomes much easier. We will also not use scents that are known common allergens such as lemon grass or cinnamon.

To keep the scents safer for those with allergies, we only use essential oils. These oils are created directly from the plant and provide a lovely scent. Without the addition of synthetic chemical additives, we have noticed they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. If you know you are allergic to a specific plant, then clearly the products using that essential oil should not be used!

So why have we chosen to do we do this? As allergy sufferers we have endured all the symptoms described in this Health report when confronted with the scents we are allergic to:

  • Coughing and shortness of breath
  • Mucosal symptoms (such as congestion and watery eyes)
  • Migraines
  • Skin problems (like rashes, hives, tingling skin, and dermatitis)

For now we are starting with lavender, ginger and mint, and using only essential oils and dried flowers or leaves to create the scent. This makes choosing whether a product is safe to use so much easier, as the decision simply becomes ‘is this scent safe for me?’

Welcome to Lancaster Botanicals!

Welcome to Lancaster Botanicals!

As allergy sufferers we would love to buy colorful, commercially-made bath bombs and soaps, but our lungs and skin don’t respond well to the shops where they are sold, or sadly, to the products if we receive them as gifts.

For several years we have wondered about making simple products with pronounceable ingredients, and this summer have taken the plunge and started creating a line of bath and body products.

In addition to having no scent, or only one scent, our products will not contain artificial colors, or the carcinogenic chemical required to stabilize colors. We use only botanical elements, herbs, spices, and fruit extracts in our products, and then only one of them in any product.

We offer bath bombs made conventionally or without citric acid, bath melts, shower melts, and body rubs and scrubs. We also offer a limited range of soaps that are have more ingredients for those who have fewer allergies, or to give as gifts to family members without allergies.

Soon we will be opening our Etsy shop, called LancasterBotanicals, and this fall will be attending fairs where we will be selling out products in person.